Ad steampunk ghost tours A spooky thank you for choosing our site we know your time is valuable and we would like to entertain you on some interesting subjects so thank you again for choosing to peruse our site

I’m “Dusty Rose ” That’s my tour name, I’m really Dr. Paige Bruening in reality a retired metaphysical psychologist specializing in adult and adolescence autism spectrum along with being a Medical clown I still do that and teach laugh yoga. Most know me as Dr.Pinky

I have been a multidimensional certified medium all my adult life began since 9 years of age. I’m way past that now and, A lady never reveals her age. I am the co owner with my husband “The Goblinologiest T. Bonez” on the tour , together we lead a Ghost Tour in a small Southwest town Williams Arizona located upon the Northern region of the mountains next to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for now 14 years. In the summer months at night we have historic walking very interactive ghost tour along with paranormal sleeping parties in a haunted location haunted dinner parties and many interesting themed paranormal events we do cemetery teas, and haunted carriage rides we also cater and perform cemetery weddings and over the hill birthday parties. Just to describe a few events. I am a pastry chef by day and a Zombie hunter by night I tell people .


Why do this ?

I am a metaphysical psychologist retired by trade also a paranormal psi, and an avid reviewer of paranormal technical equipment have even built our own we use on tours . my hobbies well we like to try equipment out and then write reviews and hopefully save fellow paranormal investigators from buying expensive or cheap non-working all hyped up equipment being a medium I see energies and well things so ,I know when equipment is working or is fake .


THE GOAL OF This Website

A new concept really, I have a real ghost that adopted me (us) and she wants her own forum where she can send you the readers on entertaining adventures of her “living days”also share with many what it really is like beyond the 3d and 5 d reality and what many calls the Vail, she resides in the 6th dimension there are scientifically 11 so far .

To give you an entertaining yet real interpretation of living with a real ghost daily and review many new and old items Victorian themed appliances and more this is a Hodge podge of sorts to keep all entertained but, mostly a place to have people communicate with a real um multidimensional being you would call a ghost.


If you ever need a hand Or you would like our tour to try out your ghost hunting tech or mobile apps and either recommend or review we love all Victorian products or steampunk themed or organic dark chocolate sorry drooling …..oh um questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Have a Hauntingly great time ,

forever “Dusty Rose ”

co Owner and founder of Steampunk Ghost Tours And Steampunk Chocolates LLC and NOW

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