Introduction to “The Invisible Girl.”

Welcome to another conversation with “Becky the Ghost Girl”, translated by the Medium Dusty Rose of the Steampunk Ghost Tours in Williams Arizona.
Hello everyone!

A pleasure to meet you. My name is Becky, But I like the name Becca or Becs.
I’m what you call void of a corporal body so you would call me a spirit or a ghost. I’m in living terms a young girl who lost her life in the early 1900s. I will now get that part out of the way by retelling you my fate.
I was working with my mother in what you would call a brothel. NO! I was not one of the “soiled doves” or “lady of the evening as you would call them. I was a cleaner and sometimes a “sporting waitress.” I served whiskey to men gambling in a back room.

LIE TO GET 0.2 cents more.

I was told to lie about my age by my mother. I was 14 1/2 years old. Lying gave me 2 cents more a paycheck to say I was 15. My mother was “the cleaner”. She took care of the rooms or “cribs”. There were two front rooms that were the best gals of the rooms of the house up in the building “The Red Garter” then known as the “Red Onion” boarding and Chop Chop House. That’s what you call a restaurant today. Ever heard the term Chop Chop to hurry up? That’s an oriental restaurant today. Anyway, I was serving a drink one blizzard night in February in the Red Onion “sporting hall.” That’s a fancy name for a gambling hall. 5 Caballeros, That’s Spanish for Cowboys showed up and of course, they were wanting drinks. I was helping my mother serve these men when a small commotion happened upstairs. Mama ran upstairs and left me with the 5 strangers. I served the drinks to a large burly cowboy. He started talking and reaching for me and then I don’t remember how many, but they all were grabbing at me. Next thing I knew my knickers were down and I was being raped.

After this happened my mother found me out back with the hogs by the pen crying. I had just been what you would say gang-raped. I was hurting very bad. My mother ran upstairs to get some ointment from one of the soiled doves for a pain reliever. I was taken home and laid in my bed. I was in such pain for 6 days. Then I passed away from an infection on the 7th day from my injuries.
This is all I remember. It’s like I went to sleep then woke up in my house with my mother while she and others were by my bed weeping. I said Momma why are you crying?’

I then Died.

I vaguely remember floating above all in the room. Seeing my body all stiff like and I could feel such sadness. It was overwhelming .as crying but I had nobody. I stayed with my mother until she passed away and I saw her briefly in the same form I am. I guess then she went “home “is what she called it. I was curious. I stayed in the little house up on 1st street until someone new moved in. By then I figured out I could just think of a place and be there instantly. I started exploring the town and people houses, a school and then back to where I remember my mom and I had worked. No one saw me but some felt me I noticed. I basically hung out in the building where mama and I had worked. I was mostly curious at all the transformation that was taking place. 3 fires later and many owners of the original building now the Red Garter. bed and bakery


I then met Dusty Rose” and she could see me and obviously finally hear me. I was so excited. It was like I was back in my Christmas celebrations. Someone could finally hear me and see me so I became stuck like glue to Dusty Rose. She was so fun and so serious all the time I would play many jokes on her.

She would clean up the rooms upstairs and I would go behind her letting her know I was there. I learned with some time to move objects. One day I pulled a bead spread down. Of course Dusty was not too happy with this new talent I was showing her. I could turn on the shower too. Needless to say, this too was frowned upon and Dusty was yelled at for what I was doing so I stopped.


One day a nice lady and some other people walked in to talk to Dusty Rose and she could sense me, so I reached out and pulled her hair. A little tug, not hard.

She stated she saw me and to please stop this.
I was shocked. Dusty Rose and these people sat down and started talking. They brought out a recorder and asked me to speak. After they asked questions and I answered it excited all of us. With this new interaction, they could hear me on the machine when they played it back. I could feel their excitement also. I was so excited! I wanted people to ask me more questions. Around this time Dusty Rose was asking me are there other Ghosts here too Becky? I told her oh yes and then we started talking to other spirits. it was like a revolving door. new spirits also wanted to be heard. Finally after much research and many ghosts being interviewed ,Dusty Rose and I decided to start an Interaction with the spirit world. Not a séance. It’s called “An Electronic Voice Phenomenon.” The EVP sessions became a fun experience for all so Dusty then started the now world-famous ” Ghost Walk.” In the old days, it was only around Saloon Row in Williams Arizona.
Now it is all over Williams and different every night. I’m like the Manager of all the spirits. I’m the Organizer of the tour. I get different spirits like me to participate. I also hold back new spirits that want to sometimes overwhelm Dusty Rose. I’m a “Communicator with the Living” It’s my official title.
So for 13 years now, I have helped Dusty Rose and T Bonez do their ghost tour. I’m also their adopted Daughter now and have lived with them since 2016. I help them on the tours and I watch over them. I don’t sleep but they have too so I kinda patrol for them.
I have saved their house from a bad fire due to Christmas lights right after I started hanging out there at the house. Back in 2016 in
December I woke Dusty up one night. she smelled it and unplugged it just in time! I try to be useful. They are after all letting “ The Invisible Girl” live with them.
I’m known as “The Invisible Girl” in The Town.

Many who are close friends with Dusty and T Bonez know me and know of me but now I’m reaching out to the living via this Blog
from my Marm Dusty.
So now you know little more about me. I hope you want to stick around and learn more.
Ta Ta for now. I’ll be back with some new and old ways of doing everyday things and sharing many of my baking secrets. Remember I died when I was almost 15. I have been here now over 100 years and I learned a lot of things I’d like to share with you.
I’m supposed to tell you please take a look at our links on our page. This help’s Dusty to keep writing this blog for all of you.
Well. Nice to meet you. I’m off to monitor a college class at Northern Arizona University. I am now studying Law. Yes when you’re in spirit form you can go anywhere, experience anything just with a brief intentional thought

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