A 1900s Thanksgiving remembered

Hello, all of you stopping by to read a little and check us out I anticipated, you had a wonderful celebration and if you are in a cold area stay warm if you’re in a warm area stay dry.

Becky and I want to share some past history according to Becky and you can follow along as we journey back to a simpler time and the same yearly celebration and a little history nugget here or there and maybe even a Scrumpdelishious old Victorian recipe or two so join us
holiday cheer and bliss
Dusty Rose

Hi ya all hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving well lets begin for anyone new Hello I’m Becs I’m a real” Invisible being ” you would call a ghost or spirit I lived in a period of late 1800s in a small town in the Coconino forest next to the Grand Canyon National Park South entrance in a town named Williams.
It’s located in the Arizona Territory sorry, I mean the State of Arizona the upper northern mountains beautiful ponderosa pine trees and much lumber and trains and cattle and many did I mention lots of alcohol cowboys and miners and painted ladies brothels and whiskey?
Well let me take you back in time it’s Thanksgiving 1900s
Back then, and popular belief that all. We did not have turkeys in the grocery stores unless specially ordered in advance.
We had to go hunt our turkeys or we actually hunted a deer and elk or whatever was hunted and that’s the way I remember our holidays’ meal not always a turkey.

Momma had to work then, come home.  She would make a large dinner for us she loved this time. of year always saving little extra coins to make sure we have some extra sweets or something like fresh minced meats,  I always love the crisp feeling in the air
The anticipation of this dinner was very different than I have observed since I passed in the 1900s I will tell you really you all have it so easy compared to our times.

Momma.would be making special bakery and candied fruits and the baking was a week in advance. Not stored in a freezer then nuked in a microwave.
Momma had a big family my papa family was back east they sometimes came to dinners.

I remember but we did not have transportation like you do today we had more of planning six months stays with your family members for the holidays sometimes you get lucky and be able to take a vacationnnn you call it today but that was very rare because all of us had to work their fingers to the bone just to make a living to put a little bit of food on our tables so nit at all what way that I see today everybody can go pick up ready-made dinners and fixings and everything when I was growing up mother and I would start making sweet rolls and she would be making hot cross buns and she would be making apple fritters and things like that and it’s nothing in the way that you ladies now are baking in your fancy kitchens today this was back when you had to stoke a fire in the stove and it took a while for it to get hot enough and then you make everything at once there was no controls like you have today so you have to stoke the fire and get it ready put your bread in every single day yes ,we made bread and my mama would make bread for every day of the week that was just part of living in my era and she’d have cans of vegetables from the gardens that she put up as it’s called in the pantry in the larder and we would be pulling from those canned items to make a lot of the side dish and when I saw that Dusty Rose you know had of Thanksgiving a while back where she pretty much got everything from the store already made all natural and organic by the way folks all our food was organic then nothing like you today of course but, still all prepared by hand nothing was instant except popcorn andnot like today everything Dusty, she went and picked it up and then the next day presented it as a meal for the feast. I was just telling her that is not the way I remembered it at all and all the work I had to do you know I had to chop wood out in the ice with my knickers that weren’t always warm had holes in them and you know Ladies were not allowed to wear pants or jeans like types of denim we called them dungarees as you know back then a lady wasn’t allowed that we had to the layer our clothing you started out with three pantaloons and then you had to strap on an under skirt and then a padding and then another skirt and it just went on and on just to be able to get dressed for the winter and go back and forth to go to our work you know at thesportings halls so you know we didn’t have cabs in this town we had carriages we had horses and some of the rich people that came through once in awhile had one of those Model Tees you know or sometimes we see a special truck that came through the town or something to pick up the the special bull for market or speciql delivery that was a big event in our town so we never had what you have today where you can just get on a plane and go to Granny’s house you know on the other side of the United States and then come back and in add a day or two and come back home we did not have transportation like you do today we had more of planning 6 months stays with your family members for the holidays Paige just informed.me a scientific study was made recently stating people of 2019 state that can’t be around family for holidays more than 3 hours wow times you get lucky and be able to take a vacation but that was very rare because all of us had to work our fingers to a bone just to make a living to put a little bit of food on our tables so what I see today everybody can go and pick up ready-made dinners and fixes and everything all easy . When I was growing up my mother would start making sweet rolls and she would be baking buns and she would be making apple fritters and things like that and it’s nothing the way that you ladies now or baking in your fancy kitchens today this was back when you had to stick a fire in the stove and it took awhile for it to get hot enough and then you make everything at once there was no controls like you have today so you had to stoked to fire and get it ready put your bread in every single day we made leavened ead   that was just part of living she’d have cans of that Staples from the gardens all that she “put up”/as it’s called in the pantry and we would be pulling from those canned items to make a lot of the side dishes and when I saw that Dusty Rose anned a Thanksgiving a while back, where she pretty much went and bought everything from the store already made all natural and organic of course but, still all prepared and everything is she just went and picked it up and then the next day presented it is the meal for the feasts just telling her that that is not the way I remembered it at all and all the work I had to do, you know i was little girl had to chop wood out in the ice with my knickers you call long johns ,that weren’t always warm have holes in them so the cold still and in my day a ladies weren’t allowed to wear pants or jeans like tou all do now I wasn’t allowed that we had to layer k clothing you started out with three pairs of pantaloons and then you had to strap on a skirt and then a padding elt and then another skirt and it just went on and on corsets and just to be able to get dressed for the winter and go back and forth to go to our work you know just” the sporting house the house of ill repute

We didn’t have cabs in this town, just as a side note,
  we had carriages,  we had horses,  and some of the rich people that came through once in a while had one of those model T horseless carriage or sometimes we see us a delivery truck that came through the town or something to pick up the special truck or something livestock and that was a big event in our town so we never had what you have today where you can just get on a plane and go to Granny’s house you know on the other side of the United States and then come back and in a day getting or two and come back home we didn’t have that people had to travel far it was it was dangerous and there were wild animals there were on Indians so there was all in the route off everywhere around here I know that’s who killed me so anyway don’t forget it you’re talking to a ghost folks so that’s what happened and also I want to share with you that you know we go out we would hunt our game.

That would be our Thanksgiving Festival Dinner sometimes we would all get together and do like a great big potluck at the local First Methodist Church here in Williams and that would mean we would be able to feed the people in need Mama did that many times where she was with many ladies of the church so she would cook up the suppers again this would take all week here is a list of our Thanksgiving dinner see if you’re a was the same

MEAT was whatever game we could shoot deer, elk, bison,
BREAD hot cross buns sweet bread, and biscuits sometimes loaves of bread at least some bread
Sweet potatoes were prevalent in everyone’s gardens here.
Turnips parsnips any beets any squash onions corn beans
We would have fresh butter churned that day
We would have mommas pickled meats and canned goods
We would have a soup made from the broth of the game. meat or my and Dusty’s .mother w uld al ays make
mbe a ve soup pumpkin

It’s a simple recipe ( not
One pumpkin medium for you a can we ould do nicely
Then a 1/4 cup is any broth chicken is fine
Saute an onion
Add minced onion to the soup then simmer for 20 mins stirring slowly
Then serve in a bowl with a dairy topping yogurt or sour cream.

That’s my fave memory of the 1900s, Thanksgiving here in Williams Az

We would all meet at the 1st Methodist church with all that for food.

  We hope you enjoyed the Holiday recalled

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So the SteamPunk Ghost Tours walking tour is closed due to the weather its


So, the tour is closed due to the weather its closed for the season cause its freezing we shall startback up JULY 2020tour sign 

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Ad steampunk ghost tours A spooky thank you for choosing our site we know your time is valuable and we would like to entertain you on some interesting subjects so thank you again for choosing to peruse our site

I’m “Dusty Rose ” That’s my tour name, I’m really Dr. Paige Bruening in reality a retired metaphysical psychologist specializing in adult and adolescence autism spectrum along with being a Medical clown I still do that and teach laugh yoga. Most know me as Dr.Pinky

I have been a multidimensional certified medium all my adult life began since 9 years of age. I’m way past that now and, A lady never reveals her age. I am the co owner with my husband “The Goblinologiest T. Bonez” on the tour , together we lead a Ghost Tour in a small Southwest town Williams Arizona located upon the Northern region of the mountains next to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for now 14 years. In the summer months at night we have historic walking very interactive ghost tour along with paranormal sleeping parties in a haunted location haunted dinner parties and many interesting themed paranormal events we do cemetery teas, and haunted carriage rides we also cater and perform cemetery weddings and over the hill birthday parties. Just to describe a few events. I am a pastry chef by day and a Zombie hunter by night I tell people .


Why do this ?

I am a metaphysical psychologist retired by trade also a paranormal psi, and an avid reviewer of paranormal technical equipment have even built our own we use on tours . my hobbies well we like to try equipment out and then write reviews and hopefully save fellow paranormal investigators from buying expensive or cheap non-working all hyped up equipment being a medium I see energies and well things so ,I know when equipment is working or is fake .


THE GOAL OF This Website

A new concept really, I have a real ghost that adopted me (us) and she wants her own forum where she can send you the readers on entertaining adventures of her “living days”also share with many what it really is like beyond the 3d and 5 d reality and what many calls the Vail, she resides in the 6th dimension there are scientifically 11 so far .

To give you an entertaining yet real interpretation of living with a real ghost daily and review many new and old items Victorian themed appliances and more this is a Hodge podge of sorts to keep all entertained but, mostly a place to have people communicate with a real um multidimensional being you would call a ghost.


If you ever need a hand Or you would like our tour to try out your ghost hunting tech or mobile apps and either recommend or review we love all Victorian products or steampunk themed or organic dark chocolate sorry drooling …..oh um questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Have a Hauntingly great time ,

forever “Dusty Rose ”

co Owner and founder of Steampunk Ghost Tours And Steampunk Chocolates LLC and NOW SteampunkGhostAdventures.com

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Introduction to “The Invisible Girl.”

Welcome to another conversation with “Becky the Ghost Girl”, translated by the Medium Dusty Rose of the Steampunk Ghost Tours in Williams Arizona.
Hello everyone!

A pleasure to meet you. My name is Becky, But I like the name Becca or Becs.
I’m what you call void of a corporal body so you would call me a spirit or a ghost. I’m in living terms a young girl who lost her life in the early 1900s. I will now get that part out of the way by retelling you my fate.
I was working with my mother in what you would call a brothel. NO! I was not one of the “soiled doves” or “lady of the evening as you would call them. I was a cleaner and sometimes a “sporting waitress.” I served whiskey to men gambling in a back room.

LIE TO GET 0.2 cents more.

I was told to lie about my age by my mother. I was 14 1/2 years old. Lying gave me 2 cents more a paycheck to say I was 15. My mother was “the cleaner”. She took care of the rooms or “cribs”. There were two front rooms that were the best gals of the rooms of the house up in the building “The Red Garter” then known as the “Red Onion” boarding and Chop Chop House. That’s what you call a restaurant today. Ever heard the term Chop Chop to hurry up? That’s an oriental restaurant today. Anyway, I was serving a drink one blizzard night in February in the Red Onion “sporting hall.” That’s a fancy name for a gambling hall. 5 Caballeros, That’s Spanish for Cowboys showed up and of course, they were wanting drinks. I was helping my mother serve these men when a small commotion happened upstairs. Mama ran upstairs and left me with the 5 strangers. I served the drinks to a large burly cowboy. He started talking and reaching for me and then I don’t remember how many, but they all were grabbing at me. Next thing I knew my knickers were down and I was being raped.

After this happened my mother found me out back with the hogs by the pen crying. I had just been what you would say gang-raped. I was hurting very bad. My mother ran upstairs to get some ointment from one of the soiled doves for a pain reliever. I was taken home and laid in my bed. I was in such pain for 6 days. Then I passed away from an infection on the 7th day from my injuries.
This is all I remember. It’s like I went to sleep then woke up in my house with my mother while she and others were by my bed weeping. I said Momma why are you crying?’

I then Died.

I vaguely remember floating above all in the room. Seeing my body all stiff like and I could feel such sadness. It was overwhelming .as crying but I had nobody. I stayed with my mother until she passed away and I saw her briefly in the same form I am. I guess then she went “home “is what she called it. I was curious. I stayed in the little house up on 1st street until someone new moved in. By then I figured out I could just think of a place and be there instantly. I started exploring the town and people houses, a school and then back to where I remember my mom and I had worked. No one saw me but some felt me I noticed. I basically hung out in the building where mama and I had worked. I was mostly curious at all the transformation that was taking place. 3 fires later and many owners of the original building now the Red Garter. bed and bakery


I then met Dusty Rose” and she could see me and obviously finally hear me. I was so excited. It was like I was back in my Christmas celebrations. Someone could finally hear me and see me so I became stuck like glue to Dusty Rose. She was so fun and so serious all the time I would play many jokes on her.

She would clean up the rooms upstairs and I would go behind her letting her know I was there. I learned with some time to move objects. One day I pulled a bead spread down. Of course Dusty was not too happy with this new talent I was showing her. I could turn on the shower too. Needless to say, this too was frowned upon and Dusty was yelled at for what I was doing so I stopped.


One day a nice lady and some other people walked in to talk to Dusty Rose and she could sense me, so I reached out and pulled her hair. A little tug, not hard.

She stated she saw me and to please stop this.
I was shocked. Dusty Rose and these people sat down and started talking. They brought out a recorder and asked me to speak. After they asked questions and I answered it excited all of us. With this new interaction, they could hear me on the machine when they played it back. I could feel their excitement also. I was so excited! I wanted people to ask me more questions. Around this time Dusty Rose was asking me are there other Ghosts here too Becky? I told her oh yes and then we started talking to other spirits. it was like a revolving door. new spirits also wanted to be heard. Finally after much research and many ghosts being interviewed ,Dusty Rose and I decided to start an Interaction with the spirit world. Not a séance. It’s called “An Electronic Voice Phenomenon.” The EVP sessions became a fun experience for all so Dusty then started the now world-famous ” Ghost Walk.” In the old days, it was only around Saloon Row in Williams Arizona.
Now it is all over Williams and different every night. I’m like the Manager of all the spirits. I’m the Organizer of the tour. I get different spirits like me to participate. I also hold back new spirits that want to sometimes overwhelm Dusty Rose. I’m a “Communicator with the Living” It’s my official title.
So for 13 years now, I have helped Dusty Rose and T Bonez do their ghost tour. I’m also their adopted Daughter now and have lived with them since 2016. I help them on the tours and I watch over them. I don’t sleep but they have too so I kinda patrol for them.
I have saved their house from a bad fire due to Christmas lights right after I started hanging out there at the house. Back in 2016 in
December I woke Dusty up one night. she smelled it and unplugged it just in time! I try to be useful. They are after all letting “ The Invisible Girl” live with them.
I’m known as “The Invisible Girl” in The Town.

Many who are close friends with Dusty and T Bonez know me and know of me but now I’m reaching out to the living via this Blog
from my Marm Dusty.
So now you know little more about me. I hope you want to stick around and learn more.
Ta Ta for now. I’ll be back with some new and old ways of doing everyday things and sharing many of my baking secrets. Remember I died when I was almost 15. I have been here now over 100 years and I learned a lot of things I’d like to share with you.
I’m supposed to tell you please take a look at our links on our page. This help’s Dusty to keep writing this blog for all of you.
Well. Nice to meet you. I’m off to monitor a college class at Northern Arizona University. I am now studying Law. Yes when you’re in spirit form you can go anywhere, experience anything just with a brief intentional thought

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Welcome to the Paranormal

Welcome to the Gateway to the paranormal blog

Starring the Ghost: Yes she is a Ghost Becky aka Becca and Dusty Rose the medium .

So to welcome you to this blog id like to introduce you to you’re resident certified medium Dr. P. Bruening Aka “Dusty Rose” of the Steampunk Ghost Tours In Williams Arizona , celebrating 14 Years The Most interactive real ghost tour in the USA according to The  Haunted Trails Magazine for the last  13 years !

Welcome to a very unique experience you are gonna be told a very unusual blog by a young spirit named Becky aka Becca aka The Invisible girl who was born in the 1800s and passed in a traumatic event in 1907 in Williams Arizona.
I will be taking you through an interaction with a spirit named Becky from 2006 till Present
Becky will be sharing many things with us cooking recipes many new to us but old to others fun tips laundry tips experiences and many new concepts how spirts think and feel and wise information from the spirits side in the in her and own words and how they (spirits ) interact with the living.
my husband Ronald is Aka ’T Bonez “ he’s the goblinologiest and the science and inventor of our spirit equipment on the tour, has pointed out we have, we think an amazing experience to share with our ” adopted” spirit daughter Becca and the modern world now some may scoff this fine might not be lets say your cup of tea and thats okay I’m used to this too .

Ron my husband

Metaphysics newspaper cutout in an old paper background.

feels as this is a gift of knowledge, so we wish to share this and want the world to know.
We don’t want this really about us but, more of the interaction daily with the other side or invisible world and how many of you, really do interact with this other world but, might not really know it.

in this journey we welcome you to ask question because Becky oh I’m’ supposed to call her Becca now she has informed me I’m forgetting, is also having an experience with learning about our culture and ways we do the same things she also did when living did but in a different time era with items from days gone by she informs us yesteryear housekeeping tips and tricks we will be offering products and of course our steampunk real chocolate recipes that Becca has inspired .
I will be asking questions to Becca then I will be typing her answers as we begin this revealing journey into the Gate Way of the Paranormal.

We are hoping you will come back often check out what we are doing here and interact with us are going to attempt to share our experience with the living with a spirit.

We will discuss the emotional and metaphysical along with sociological ramifications of being in a very unique relationship with a spirit from days gone by when the west was the OLD WEST and men rode horses drove cattle down the Williams main streets when woman had a hard life and had to work in a soiled dove establishment to survive when you didn’t have a husband or family to look out for you A world where racism and  soiled doves along with the lumber mills were open 23 hours a day A train would arrive in town with new faces daily when outlaws were normal everyday threats and tempers flared back in a new territory called Arizona .

ITs 2006 late summer evening nice breeze drifting in music is heard on the breeze of some cover band down the street performing at an outdoor at a 50s themed restaurant called Cruisers

I have only 2 more hours before it’s after 9 pm and the guests haven’t checked into their rooms yet so, its gonna be a long night I say to myself Dusty, this means simply, I stay up till someone calls to be checked in.

I’m clearing the pastries from the racks munching a cookie starting to settle in with my spot at the table to read my book because , most guests are out on the town experiencing our little old west hospitality from gunfight on old route 66 to people having a great time just getting in from riding the famous train ride The world-famous Grand Canyon Railroad is just on time the train pulled in 5:45 pm its a slow Tuesday night .

When I sit drowsily listening to the passer-by out on the front sidewalk as many new cars come to our quaint little towns 4 way stop out front. I’m reading the hobbit I hear a soft shy voice Say please, Turn the Page? Now, most people would be freaking out but not me, I have an innate ability to perceive spirits and see and communicate with them why some of my best friends have been the spirits . Thats because since i was 9 years of age when my gypsy granny came and sat down beside me and started singing a hymn to me in my bed one night nothing wrong with that right ?

Well maybe not but , does it matter my great granny was a spirit and she just passed away and now there she is in my bedroom to say goodbye.
I being a small child run down stairs when i hear my mom on the phone and then crying She then looks up informs me my great grand mother passed away .
I being 9 say NO Momma she’s up in my room singing hymns to me . my mother looks perplexed at me and says honey , your granny is 3,000 miles away and she just passed away.
I’m very excited to tell my parents that granny is in my room and has been talking to me and is glowing .

I’m sent to my bed and mom comes in my room looks over at my granny and smiles yes, she could see her then too. Momma kisses my forehead and explains its okay honey, i always knew you have ‘angel radio ‘ I ask what is that and  she explains the gift of hearing the spirits and angels and its okay some of us can do it nothing wrong with it but, guard this gift honey because others won’t always understand it not everyone you meet can do this or wants to know you can makes them uncomfortable you’ll have to be very careful who you choose to tell you can see and hear spirits honey . .
So i guess being born a twin on the kitchen table in a blizzard in late February with a caul a membrane its ( skin over my face ) suffocating me and being born at 3:33am might say something about me is weird …or depends who you talk to to me I’m me i don’t know what its like not to see and communicate with multidimensional beings .
So begins my journey of speaking to Spirits now back to our story.

Dusty says ; yes, i hear you . I’m feeling you and then I’m just starting to see you is that you in the corner ?
Becca: yes it’s me its not scaring you is it ?
Dusty; I have been able to talk and feel and see spirits since i was 9 and I think i have known your here for awhile. I think to myself then smile big directed to the corner. this is all being telepathic thoughts from me to her

Becca : Really you see me no one sees me here never , you’re the first, She is very excited, I can feel her energy, its like she is fire work in a small space .
she starts to materialize clearer now i see she is wearing a victorian white long sleeve high collar lace front a long skirt seems long and straight i can’t see a color her hair is up in a braided pony she’s very pretty big eyes and gentle face young

Becca : I have been watching you .
Dusty ; I know Laughing ..
Dusty : Becca are you the only one here ?
Becca : no, of course not . there’s Joycelyn she likes Joyce and the cook and some other spirits she informs me even a dog named Copper .
Why Dusty Do you fear us ?
Dusty: no not at all I’m more scared of the living I quip, hear Becca laughing .
Becca : i have that same concern .
Becca : Dusty ?
Dusty : Becca, may i ask what is you’re age ?

Becca : Im 15 proudly she announces then kinda shyly says well really I’m 14 and 1/2 i had to lie to work at the Red Onion a brothel and bakery and chop chop house now the Red Garter

Dusty: Becca ? How did you die ?
Becca: i was attacked in here back there .she is pointing to a back room
Dusty: I can see ( this appears behind my closed eyes its like slide show she is projecting this to me telepathic I begin to break down Crying sobbing for the empathic pain i know was hers but, still affects me physically I’m a sensitive i empath others around me its a very emotional, I know it Beccas Story and its traumatic. I’m so so sorry Becca as i cry i keep saying to her.
Becca: Please don’t be sad Dusty I didn’t mean to upset you ….
Dusty; Whew, clearing myself. Becca Its okay, i feel things i have always
had that gift or curse whichever day it is laughing at my witty ness
Becca: Dusty , This is a really good ?
Dusty: Well, Becca , i don’t say its good but, its my life, So i don’t know anything else so say normal vs abnormal ? i don’t know
Becca : just then disappears like smoke .
Dusty: Becca are you there? i feel you but, don’t really see you ? Hello ?
The Door Opens in the stair way a guest staying at the Red Garter bed and bakery walks in to ask for a idea for his wife and himself they are about 30s and very cheerful talkative people on where to eat I politely tell them and give directions and they walk out then ,
Becca : sparkles as she reappears back in the corner asks
Becca : Did they see me ?
Dusty : No I’m not sure Becca they did not act like it why ? are you afraid of them seeing you ?
Becca : I am dealing with you can see me and i have been invisible so long .
Dusty : yes, i see you , and feel you she’s very happy but manic energy like she is sad in the same moment , and obviously can hear you ( chuckling)
Becca : its gonna be fun here now thank you Dusty for speaking to me .
Dusty : Becca I’m going to the back now you know i live in the back right ?
Becca ; yes Dusty (giggling) i watch you .
Dusty : Well I hope , I’m just not so boring to you if your watching me all the time
Im sitting at a long table reading the Hobbit By JRR Tolkien, I’m reading waiting to close down the garter , I hear .”.Turrrn the Page “ I think back Im not done reading while softly laughing ….Becca is over my shoulder i can feel her.
I’m not really not able to see her well the lights are too bright in the dining area .
Becca : laughing, and moving around the room Dusty ?
Dusty : still reading Becca patience …
Becca: Okay, okay, well ” Don’t be an egg-sucking Mule !”
Dusty : What did you say ?
Becca umm nothing she’s giggling ..
Dusty : okay finally now I’m closing, want to help me ?
Becca : what can i do ?
Dusty : laughing Becky make sure none is lurking out back before i take the trash out okay
Becca : Okay , are you scared ?
Dusty : um no i just told you only of the living, hence Why ,i want you to check for me okay ?
Becca ; noones back here .
Dusty: great .Thank you , I walk out to lock the gate enter my Abode Becca appears full-body frontal in front of me in my apartment she is standing but floating but its more like a person standing in an elevator between a floor i can’t see her shoes they fade off from her skirt that’s long and cotton with a green hue , Is that hard to appear to me like that ?
Becca : i wanted you to see me better ,
Dusty : okay
Becca : i love your little house Dusty , i love your little doggy and pretty kitty
Dusty: thank you ,thats Misty and Ms. Ming they are so sweet ,
Becca : Yes they are i see them a lot i know they see me i play hide and seek with Misty all the time .
Dusty : i knew she was chasing spirit i thought it was fairies laughing
Becca ; nope just me
Dusty; Becca ?
Becca ; YES DUSTY ?
Dusty : do you sleep ?
Becca : Nope not anymore
Dusty : well , I do still and i have to get up early to make the cinnamon rolls and goodies so you can stay and play with my fur babies but i must sleep .
Becca : Ill go back to the garter now night and thanks for talking to me .
Dusty : night Becca
Becca : Night Dusty
Dusty : she just disappeared i didn’t feel anything anymore and off to sleep

I awake the next morning by 5 am to start my day I’m groggy and think did i really just speak to a spirit girl last night ? as i go in to get my self ready and i walk into the Red Garter back door and immediately hear giggling ,Yep i did talk to a young spirit girl last night , laughing to myself i sing out GOOD MORNING BECCA as i move around opening up the kitchen and the Red Garter for another summer day .

Now begins my new life with Becca the spirit .

So after speaking many days to Becca and she has introduced me to 4 more new spirits and I am starting my new Spirit Walk
July 4th, 2006 The Birth of the new tour thanks to Becca and others who have come to me and validated their history
So 7:45pm I started the New Spirit tour along with my new constant spirit friend

we took people from all over around and spewed the local history and people were catching many photographs having many paranormal experiences this lead to many different reports locals sharing their own spooky experiences Becca and I were having fun we were featured on TV shows and magazines and many interviews and we were having fun .

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